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Monitor and recover your website tags with Adswap


Monitor your GTM container and see how data flow between your website and marketing tools.

Quick onboarding

Get running with our approved GTM template in no time.

Monitor your tags

Monitor the performance of your tags in real time.

Get notifications

Get instant notifications when your website faik to send data from your tags.

Recover lost data

Recover lost tag data and upload them to your analytics and ad platforms.

Customized dashboard

Gain insight on how your tags trend.

Get started with Adswap and secure your website data

Launch and monitor your website tags in no time.


Get in touch - Contact us and get access to our tool. We respond to your inquiry within a day.


Launch - Add our tag template in your GTM container and deploy.


Monitor - Once you have launched our tag, you will be able to monitor your tags and gain valuable insights.


Take action - Benefit from our tool and never miss lost data. Get instant notifications when a tag fail, recover lost data and follow how your website perform.


Read the most frequent questions and answers regarding our tool.

By utilizing our tag monitor tool, your business can enhance its ability to extract greater value from web-based data. As a result, analytics systems will be equipped with higher-quality data, ensuring accurate conversion and customer behavior insights for campaigns launched on platforms like Google or Facebook.

GTM fields: Tag ID, Tag Name, Tag Status, Tag URL, Tag Type, Event name, Event data string, Container ID, Browser, Browser Version, OS, OS Version, Device, Timestamp, Tag Execution Time, Container Version, Google ClickID, Facebook ClickID, GA Click ID, Hostname.

To implement our tool and start benefiting from its features, we recommend getting in touch with us. Our team will be happy to assist you in setting up the tool and providing any necessary guidance or support. Please reach out to us through our website or contact us directly at hello@adswap.se. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make the most of our tool!


Monitor your tags with Adswap, and say goodbye to lost data forever!

Don't let bad code or user-specific circumstances prevent you from collecting valuable data.

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